BrightLight takes learning out the classroom

On the web, tablet or mobile platforms.

Why BrightLight is a better learning solution

It blends recent developments in learning methodologies with the fun of gamification. A winning mix of components that makes it uniquely efficient in filling the engagement gap that challenge most corporate training programmes.

It is ideal for industries that require large field force/ front-end sales like Retail, Pharma, White goods, Financial, Telecom etc.
The application has proved to be effective in areas such as:

a. Employee On-boarding Training
b. Continuous Compliance Training
c. Continuous Assessment Tool
d. Reminder Training after completion of a training program

The backend Content Management System allows for quick and easy upload of lesson & quiz content.
Apart from plain text, audio and video content can be included to provide content variation.

Advanced Technology

  1. Unique SaaS based model with license-based access to business learning applications
  2. All course material will be on secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud services for an extremely scalable, flexible and highly reliable platform.
  3. We can also host the application in AWS Virtual Private Cloud if specifically required for additional security.
  4. The BrightLight Platform can be accessed on web Google Chrome 20+, Mozilla Firefox 20+, IE 8+ & Safari 5.1+, mobile O/S Android 3 & above, iOS 6 and above.
  5. The training platform has been developed on the most advanced software platforms for responsive design across mobile, tablet & web on android &iOS (other platforms can be added as per request)
  6. Updates in the app can be done without any downtime or need for reinstalling.
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