Given the varied range of skills that are called for, it’s no surprise that Curiosity Road has brought together a team of specialists from fields as diverse as internet and mobile technologies, communication design, education, cognitive psychology, multimedia and instructional design to propagate the joy of learning.

Ramesh Natrjan, Founder & CEO

Ramesh is a new entrepreneur after 21 years of corporate experience; his last role as CEO & Area Director, DHL (Rest of South Asia). He runs and angel funds a few startups in the technology space. He has done his B.Tech (Mech) IIT Bombay & MBA from IIFT Delhi.

Cherian Radhika Shefali Soumyadeep
Dinesh Pallavi Sameer Fenil
Malar Anusuiya Shrirang Megha
Harshada Neetal Rohini Asmita
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