Learning is an unending journey. Curiosity Road aims to make the journey fun. Through our products and services, we aim to make learning engaging, ubiquitous and measurable. The approach we take draws inspiration from recent research in behavioral and cognitive sciences. Our products come in a variety of forms: quiz-based learning, mobile learning, scoreboards, infographics, widgets, mobile apps and e-learning.

m-learning is our mantra

Mobile learning is here and it is time for you to join the bandwagon. Learning becomes simple, fun, personalized and more productive than you could ever imagine.

Learning Methodologies

Recent research in Cognitive Sciences has given us great insight into how we learn and relate to one another. After studying these methodologies, we have developed learning tools that will make learning not only easier but also fun.

Featured Product

Our training platform, BrightLight, has been developed on the most advanced software platforms for responsive design across mobile, tablet & web on Android & iOS.

Product Benefits

Enhanced Learning and Retention • 24/7 Learning • Performance Support • Social Learning • Detailed Learning Reports

Latest Articles

Google Classroom. Admissions opening soon!

‘MORE TEACHING, LESS TECH-ING.’ What an intriguing headline! It caught my eye and led me to find out what the search giant was up to in a field that’s been close to my heart – Education. Besides, experience has taught me that whenever Google enters an industry; chances are that some major game-changing may be […]

Short & Sweet makes for faster learning

The key ingredient to making some things appealing is to keep them short and easy to absorb. Accept the fact that people just do not have the time for elaborate meals, they prefer bite-sized snacks. The same goes for learning. And neither do they take forever to accept or reject an idea. Decisions are made in […]

Settle down comfortably with your favorite paperback. Err… mobilephone.

Is the mobile phone becoming the new book? As mobile screens become larger and resolutions sharper, more and more readers are embracing the handiness of mobile phones over the familiar printed & bound paper format And why not indeed? Epub, Mobi and other ebook reader software has evolved rapidly to offer unprecedented customizing options (fonts, […]

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